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Attorneys tend to charge three main types of fees, depending on the case: hourly, flat, and contingent.

Hourly fees are billed at a pre-specified rate. My current rate is $150 per hour with reductions possible for low-income individuals. Wisconsin attorneys bill work in increments of one tenth of an hour, generally deducted after invoice from an advance fee held in trust. The amount of the advance depends on the nature of the case.

Flat fees are charged prior to representation and cover a specific, limited amount of work. Again, the amount varies depending on the case and the agreed limits of representation.

Contingent fees are paid as a percentage of a judgment or settlement. Typically, a contingent fee for settlements reached before filing pleadings is 25% of the total settlement, and the fee rises to one third of the total settlement reached after filing but prior to trial or arbitration. Fees for judgments or settlement reached after commencement of trial or arbitration are typically 40% of the total amount awarded. Contingent fees are owed only upon a successful resolution of the case, so no upfront fee is necessary. Contingent fees are available only in certain types of cases, typically personal injury and worker’s compensation.

In addition to attorney fees, clients are responsible for expenses incurred during representation. Expenses include but are not limited to fees for court filings or civil process, mileage, postage, transcripts, and compensation of experts.

A client should understand any fee agreement prior to representation, and it is always important to ask questions before signing any contract.

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